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Welcome to Northwest Batting cages!

Shown - 12 x 12 x 70 Cage after 7 years of use

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Our Batting Cages, while portable are also transparent.

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Year round use!

Add an additional peak and a cover for 365 day use!

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Indoor custom batting cages

Indoor facility? Not a problem. We can custom build your baseball cage indoors.

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Quality Lasts

This baseball cage was used for 7 years before it was donated to a school. The old phrase 'You get what you pay for' rings true with our batting cages. This was re-installed 3 years ago and is still in use.

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Sports Court

Tight spot? Not a problem, we can custom build into that unused space in your yard!

Example Frame

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Cage Details

Our cages come with heavy duty #42 Netting, Galvanized frame structure and lifetime warrantied fittings. Can you see the cage in the picture? You know they are there, but the cage is transparent.


These cages are designed for hitters of all ages and stand up to lots of use. Great for Schools, parks, fields or your very own back yard! Why drive when you can do the batting practice out back! Check out our prices and see if the gas savings will pay for it!

Rental information

We can setup the cage at your location. Very simple rental structure, need it a day or a month? No problem we can help!

Pictures of past installs

Gallery: Check out some pictures of our past installs. Basic to custom, we do it all!

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Welcome to Northwest Batting Cages

Thank you for visiting us!  We provide cage solutions for schools, communities, parks, leagues and even install in your own back yard.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Video Review

Here is a video of the cage in use at a baseball show.
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